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Many women suffer secretly with issues affecting their everyday life or intimate relations with problems in the sexual area. Sexual issues are common and can usually be treated with medical and/or holistic therapy. These issues can impact your health and quality of life but may difficult to address. Sexual abuse, assault, trauma and even sexual beliefs can impair healthy, normal and pleasurable sexual relations. The abdomen and pelvis can store emotional stress and tension, affecting tissue quality and health, thus causing problems in the pelvis and reproductive area. You can find hope for sexual health and healing with a competent and compassionate holistic therapist. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT has advanced training with women’s health bodywork, mind-body therapy skills along with compassion for effective results.

Abuse, Trauma and PTSD

Negative experiences in life can be stored in the body affecting tissue health and normal body function. Unfortunately, abuse and trauma are common and often not reported or treated. The pelvis is the “emotional heart” of a woman and traumatic events can create problems with the function of this area and are often evident with menstruation and sexual intercourse. Medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment is important, especially for acute problems. Because the whole body is connected, a holistic approach is essential. With pelvic symptoms, patience, compassion and trust are essential components of therapy. Revive Therapy offers expertise with treatment for the mind and body with compassion. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe involuntary response with people who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. PTSD often affects with pelvic area, especially following sexual assault. Research has shown biological changes in brain function after severe trauma triggering involuntary responses with processing of memories and a heightened activation of the stress response in the body. PTSD can be effectively treated, as well as the associated pelvic and sexual problems, but a holistic approach is essential. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT understands PTSD and has given presentations at a women veterans’ conference and a youth treatment center. 

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety activate the normal protective response with the “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system. This response produces the stress hormone (cortisol) and other chemicals that cause body tissue to tighten. Excessive fear and anxiety can create restrictions in body tissues, especially in the pelvis. Restricted tissue causes pain and dysfunction in tissues and organs. With the pelvis being the emotional heart of women and the center or her body, it is common for stress to impact this important area. Holistic bodywork should at least assess, if not treat, restrictions in the pelvic area. Training and expertise with this work is not common but Revive Therapy integrates pelvic therapy skill with compassion.

Libido and Numbness Issues

Sexual drive, arousal and orgasm may be simple or complicated but is certainly a combined response of the body, mind and emotions. Physical, emotional and mental health impact sexual desire and performance. Negative experiences and beliefs often influence libido and sexual function, requiring a holistic approach. Revive Therapy offers skill and compassion with women’s health bodywork, including sex therapy and counseling for the woman or the couple. 

Sexual Pain on Entry

Many women experience pain outside the vagina that may be present during normal daily activities or only during sexual intercourse. Vulva pain (vulvodynia) is common and responds with medical and/or holistic therapy integrated with compassion. Vulvodynia is usually caused by restricted or irritated tissue and may be associated with inflammation, hormone imbalance, impinged nerves or a subconscious mind-body connection. Many women who suffer secretly with sexual pain and dysfunction can find hope for sexual health and healing. 

Vaginismus is the leading cause of sex-less relationships. Vaginismus is involuntary vaginal tightness identified with discomfort, burning, pain or penetration problems. These symptoms occur when inserting an object, such as a tampon, gynecological exams or attempting sexual intercourse. This may make penetration difficult or not possible. Vaginismus is the primary cause of unconsummated relationships. Tight muscles around the vaginal entrance are unconscious and you may not even be aware that the muscle problem is causing the tightness or preventing penetration. Because of the involuntary nature of muscle tightness, a holistic approach is necessary address subconscious holding patterns. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT has assisted numerous couples with vaginismus to consummate relations and bear children. 

Vestibulitis is pain at the vulvar vestibule, the tissue at the entrance to the vagina. This may be associated with vulvodynia but may require a specific diagnosis and treatment. Vestibulodynia may also be associated with bladder problems (IC) or clitoral pain. As with vulvodynia, the cause may be infection, inflammation, hormone imbalance, nerve impingement, and/or a mind-body connection. Medical treatment may be required for many cases but a holistic approach is important because of the frequent subconscious mind-body connection. 

Vulvodynia is the most common type of sexual pain and is caused by restricted tissue or inflamed tissue outside the vagina. This pain may only be present to touch or can be painful with normal daily activities. Effective treatment requires a skilled assessment to determine the cause, which may be infection, inflammation, hormone imbalance, nerve impingement or a subconscious mind-body connection. Most cases respond to the proper medical and/or pelvic floor therapy integrated with compassion and a holistic approach.

Sexual Pain during Intercourse

You may experience pain during intercourse, even with full penetration. This is often a result of tight (hypertonic) pelvic muscles and/or restricted tissue deep within the pelvis. When changing positions of either partner relieves pain, this usually indicates restricted tissue at the sacrum-uterus area. This pain may also be correlated with painful menstrual cramps. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT is comfortable discussing and treating these private issues.

Orgasm–Sexological Bodywork 

Sexual orgasm is more difficult and more complicated for women than for men. Full and complete sexual response often requires health in all areas, including the mind and body as well as a trusting and positive relationship with your lover. There are multiple distinct erogenous zones that contribute to orgasm and each area of stimulation can become part of the full experience or have a unique orgasmic response. Skilled sexology bodywork assesses and treats the body to optimize your sexual response. In addition to the anatomical zones, your mind is the most important and powerful factor for a full and healthy sexual experience. Your mind response is influenced by your life experiences, beliefs, mood and emotions. Revive Therapy offers skilled sexology bodywork that can address health and response of the mind and body. Holistic sexology bodywork treats the physical health of your pelvis (and other body areas) along with a healthy connection with your mind.

Other Pelvic Issues

The pelvis is the foundation for the female reproductive area and her whole body. Being the anatomical and the hormonal center of the woman, there is a great deal of “wear and tear” as she goes through life. the pelvis can store emotional stress and tension, affecting tissue quality and health, thus creating pain and dysfunction in the abdomen, pelvis and reproductive area. Monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancies and deliveries have an obvious impact on the organs and tissues in the pelvis. More…

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