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September 2017 Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy Training

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT will be teaching prenatal and postpartum massage therapy to massage therapists at Chico Therapy Wellness Center in Chico CA. Steve is one of only a few therapists in northern California who is certified in massage therapy for pregnancy and postpartum clients.

August 2017 Presentation at UCD Medical Center Breastfeeding Support Group

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT spoke at the UC Davis Medical Center breastfeeding support group about breast therapy and difficult lactation. Women with recurrent mastitis have been referred by the lactation consultant and have successfully avoided repeated mastitis and experienced definite improvement in milk production and breast health. In particular, he has helped women with dense and fibrocystic breasts improve breastfeeding and the improve the consistency of breasts. 

August 2017 Revive Therapy Expands Practice to Chico, CA

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT provides specialized therapy in Chico CA one or two days per month and has opened his practice for women’s health, pregnancy and Myofascial release clients. He has taught pregnancy and women’s health bodywork classes for over 8 years in Chico and is offering these specialized services locally to clients referred from other therapists.

July 2017 Revive Therapy Voted “Best Massage” in Sacramento

Revive Therapy was nominated for the A-List Best Massage of Sacramento and ranked in 4th place of over 130 nominations. Last year Revive Therapy ranked 10th place in the same program.

July 2017 Sports Therapy at 24-Hour Bicycle 24-Hour Benefit Ride

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT provided sports therapy for the Agony Ride, a 24-hour bicycle ride fundraiser for Christian Encounter Ministries (CEM) held in Sierra Valley, near Truckee CA. The 77 bicyclists each rode up to 380 miles in 24 hours to raise support for CEM, a residential counseling and discipleship program for troubled youth in Grass Valley CA. Steve gave more than 40 sports therapy treatments to these dedicated riders.

Testimony of Rider: “Thanks also for helping so much with my IT bands.  Surprisingly, I haven’t had any problems with them since. ” Nate Boyd

July 2017 Volunteer Massage Therapy Day

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT donated a full day of massage therapy for staff at Christian Encounter Ministries, a not for profit residential program for troubled youth in Grass Valley CA.

June 2017 Presentation on PTSD

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT gave a training session to interns and workers on “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” at Christian Encounter Ministries, a not for profit residential program for troubled youth in Grass Valley CA.

May 2017 Teaching Assistant in Mexico City for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT served as a teaching assistant in a lymphatic drainage therapy course in Mexico City, Mexico in May 2017. He is completing his advanced certification in lymphatic drainage therapy through the Chikly Institute and has repeated most classes. His bilingual fluency in Spanish allowed him to support these students. Steve also served as a teaching assistant for other lymphatic drainage therapy classes last year.

March 2017 Presentation for California Women Veterans on PTSD

Steve Metzger, RN-CMT gave a presentation “Removing Disorder from PTSD” to California Women Veterans at their annual Un-Conference in Sacramento CA.

One Month in Cuba Teaching English (July 2015)

Steve Havana MaleconArticle in Wall Street Journal. 

Steve Metzger was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal article, “Cubans Say ‘Nyet’ to Russian, Hoping to Learn English” Nov. 22, 2015 describing his volunteer work teaching English in Cuba for one month. 

Teaching English in Cuba: Steve’s Story 

Steve Metzger was featured in a web story by GeoVisions, “Teaching English in Cuba: Steve’s Story.”

Video in Havana, Cuba

Steve Metzger is interviewed in Havana, Cuba a video imbedded in the blog article on the GeoVisions site.


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