Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release


Massage Plus

Swedish or deep tissue massage is integrated with specialty bodywork. Excellent choice for relaxation, decreasing stress and relieving mild to moderate pain. For moderate to severe pain, consider Myofascial release.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release applies gentle sustained stretching to fascia and muscles to release stored tension and stress. Pain is relieved and function is restored as the soft tissue (fascia) health is restored. Treats physical and emotional tension, stress and trauma. More effective and lasts longer than massage for pain and impaired mobility.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic drainage is gentle therapy that improves health by activating the lymphatic system. Moving water within the body reduces swelling, improves immunity, decreases pain and promotes detoxification. It can also reduce congestion, clear sinuses and relieve headaches. This very light rhythmic therapy activates the internal bath of the body for cleansing and better health. Very effective healing after surgery. Recommended by cosmetic surgeons after liposuction, tummy tucks and breast surgery. Advanced lymphatic work can treat lymphedema.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy supports and nourishes the central nervous system. Craniosacral therapy improves health and well-being; alleviates aches, pains and strains; relieves headaches and TMJD; and improves coping mechanisms and stress management.



Prenatal Massage is effective for relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief. Numerous techniques to the back, shoulders, hips and legs maximize Mom’s comfort and function, improve Baby’s heath, and optimize the delivery experience. In the hands of a certified prenatal massage therapist like Steve, massage is safe in each trimester, and it contributes toward a better pregnancy, delivery and improved baby health.

Postpartum Massage includes relaxation and therapeutic techniques to help restore the new mom after pregnancy and delivery. Advanced training and certification of the RN-therapist will assist healing of the body and special postpartum needs.

Fertility Massage is holistic therapy to assist with fertility using massage and Myofascial release. Supports natural or medical conception methods (IVF, etc.) Therapist is certified in fertility massage, pregnancy massage and treating pelvic issues. Therapist is also an instructor of prenatal massage and women’s health bodywork.

Women’s Health

Holistic therapy for women’s health issues reduces pain and restores balance by integrating healing modalities with compassionate care. Hormones and life experiences can cause pain and dysfunction in the pelvis and chest, impacting the whole body. Find hope for health and healing from an RN-therapist who understands women and treats the whole person. Numerous holistic modalities address pelvic pain, sexual issues, bladder problems and breast issues, as well as headaches, shoulder issues and hip or back pain.

Holistic Health Maintenance

Stay healthy with minimal medications using holistic bodywork. Many aches, pains and restrictions can be prevented or controlled with regular skilled therapy. Revive Therapy provides and RN-Therapist who integrates multiple bodywork modalities with in-depth understanding of the body and Western medicine, as well as surgical care. Regular therapy can alleviate problems before they become too severe. Invest the time to stay healthy with preventive therapy.


Sports therapy is for athletes and active persons. Numerous bodywork modalities are used, including Myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, soft tissue release, neuromuscular re-education and lymphatic drainage therapy. Decreases pain and restores optimal range of motion. It is good for optimizing training, enhances recovery, and improves performance.

Body Wraps

Herbal Body Wrap nutrients permeate the skin and the fat cells, where environmental toxins are stored. The 27 nutrients dissolve the fat and exit the cells with impurities. This treatment is good for improved skin tone, body cleansing, weight loss, and overall rejuvenation. Full body wraps go from the ankles to the neck. Partial body wraps target specific body areas. Revive Therapy manually wraps the body nutrient-soaked cloth rolls, sculpting with emphasis in key areas. Skilled lymphatic drainage therapy massage follows removal of the wraps. 

Professional Training

Professional training seminars offer massage therapists and nurses continuing education in prenatal and postpartum massage therapy, as well as skills and strategies for optimizing massage experiences for clients.

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