“Happy Mom and Healthy Baby!”

Safe relaxation and therapy during pregnancy by a certified prenatal massage therapist.

Relaxation. Enjoy safe and soothing therapy in positions of comfort to help Mom and Baby. Massage decreases stress, increases circulation, relaxes muscles and improves immunity. You and Baby will feel revived!

Therapy. Relieve pain and reduce tension of your back, shoulders, hips and legs. Let the RN-CMT therapist maximize Mom’s comfort and function and improve Baby’s health. Prepare for and optimize the delivery experience.

Safe and Effective. In the hands of a certified prenatal massage therapist, pregnancy massage is safe in each trimester. Expert therapy will be relaxing, therapeutic and prepare you for an optimal labor and delivery experience  — with fewer complications and improved baby health. Steve is one of only a few therapists in the area certified in prenatal massage therapy, and is also an instructor.

Expert Therapist. Steve is an RN therapist and one of only a few therapists in the Sacramento area certified in pregnancy massage. He is also an instructor for prenatal and postpartum massage, as well as women’s health bodywork. His article on Postpartum Massage was featured on the American Pregnancy Association website. 

Therapy for Pregnancy Concerns. Sore back, sciatica, swelling, sore shoulders, headaches, high blood pressure are common during pregnancy. The RN-Therapist at Revive Therapy is comfortable treating these issues, as well as high risk pregnancy patients.

Preparation for Labor, Delivery and Postpartum. Your prenatal sessions will include discussions and therapy that will prepare you for labor and delivery. In your final month we will also assist you with  preparation for postpartum needs, including breastfeeding. 


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