Upper Body


Shoulder pain and mobility restrictions are very common and may be caused by injury or cumulative tissue restrictions around the shoulder. Shoulder injuries should be evaluated by a medical practitioner for acute treatment and usually respond very well to holistic bodywork when movement is stabilized. Cumulative shoulder restrictions and chronic shoulder problems are usually stable enough for bodywork and respond well with Myofascial release techniques.


Forward posture is very common in our society and contributes to pain and dysfunction in the upper body. Common causes of poor posture are: excessive forward activities, inadequate stretching of the shoulders and neck, self-esteem or emotional issues, or laziness. Forward posture with women is further compromised with the impact of estrogen on chest tissue, the forward pull on the shoulders from breast weight and restricted lymphatic flow from tight bras. Revive Therapy will help you correct your posture with holistic bodywork and treat the underlying cause(s).

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