Head and Neck


Get Ahead of the Pain

Headaches and neck pain are very common with high demands in our life. Challenges at home and work create tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Our driven lifestyle also leads to a forward posture that places sustained tension in the neck and head, attempting to support the weight of the head that is in front of the center of gravity of the chest. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol creates tightness the connective tissue fibers of the fascia and muscles supporting the head and neck. Tight connective tissue fibers pull up the neck and into the head, also down into the shoulders and upper chest. Stress can also affect the jaw and impair normal lymphatic drainage out of the sinuses and other parts of the head. Revive Therapy provides effective holistic therapy for tension and pain in the head, neck and upper body. More…

Headaches, migraines, jaw pain (TMJD), tinnitus and other discomforts in the head are often connected with stored tension in the fascia and muscles of the head and neck. Even misalignment in the pelvis and other parts of the body influence head and neck pain. A holistic approach at Revive Therapy offers deeper healing beyond just symptomatic medications. 

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