Fertility Massage and Bodywork

“Conception: Ignition of Life!”

pink-lady-5x7-editedAdvanced bodywork supporting fertility and conception by a certified Fertility Massage Therapist. Holistic, expert and unique therapy supporting medical assisted (IVF, IUI, etc.) and natural conception. Diverse and unique therapy provided by RN-therapist. 

Stress Reduction 

Stress may be the leading cause of infertility. Life pressures affect our health, conception and fertility. Pressures at work, home, relationships and life in general activate the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”) creating restrictions throughout the body. This can change hormone balance, ovulation, menstrual cycles and even physical restrictions of the reproductive organs. Emotional tension can be stored in the abdomen and pelvis, the “emotional heart.” Stored tension impairs reproductive health and sexual function. Fertility massage and bodywork starts with decreasing stress and progressing to other therapy specific to each person. Relaxation techniques, massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, dialogue, imagery and aromatherapy can be very effective to calming the body, mind and soul to enhance fertility. 

Reproductive Health

The female reproductive cycle must be healthy and balanced for conception. Your fertility history and assessment will be integrated with diagnostic work done by other healthcare providers with a holistic approach. All massage and bodywork will focus on direct or indirect support of your reproductive health. Headaches, pain and other dysfunctions of the body can impact fertility and conception and thus may be treated.

Balancing Hormones, Ovulation and Menstrual Cycles

Ovulation is controlled by the female hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone, which is connected to other hormones in the endocrine system. Massage and bodywork modalities can influence the hormones, thus improving ovulation. Ovulation can also be affected by tissue restrictions and cysts on the ovaries. Bodywork and other therapies can effectively improve ovarian function, thus helping with conception. Painful menstruation and heavy flow may be an indication of a hormone imbalance or tissue restrictions in the pelvis. Skilled pelvic therapy can assess and treat pelvic health and pelvic restrictions. Effective treatment is not limited to the pelvis but incorporates all systems of the body. 

Opening the Pelvis

The pelvis holds all of the reproductive organs and is also the center of the feminine being. This area is often ignored and misunderstood but every women understands the importance of keeping this area open and healthy. Monthly cycles, physical wear-and-tear of life, emotional tension, trauma/abuse and pregnancy create pelvic tension. Sexual intercourse pain, dysfunction and decreased libido are common problems influencing conception. Tight tissue around the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus can inhibit ovulation, egg transit and implantation of fertilized eggs. Bladder frequency, leakage and interstitial cystitis are often other symptoms of pelvic tension. Pelvic tightness can also be related to tension in the legs, abdomen, thorax (chest), jaw and of course emotions. Pelvic therapy can release restrictions to improve fertility and enhance conception. Therapy to other areas of the body will also open the pelvis to promote fertility. 


The Conception Connection with Mind and Pelvis

Emotions, feelings, beliefs and life experiences influence every system of the body, including reproductivity and fertility. Past experiences or beliefs may not be apparent at the conscious level but can still negatively impact sexual life and fertility. Stressful lives can also bring fatigue, relationship challenges, distractions and compromised health that compromise fertility. Some women do not understand the basic reproductive anatomy and education can improve fertility. Taboos, distorted beliefs or negative thoughts about sex and the pelvis can restrict sexual experiences and compromise conception. Effective fertility therapy integrates multiple modalities to identify and treat these factors, which may not be evident, improving pelvic health and supporting conception. 

Conception and Sexual Issues

Sexual intercourse pain is quite common, related to restrictions in the vulva, vaginal opening (vestibule), inside the vagina and the cervix attachment. Vulvadynia, vestibulodynia, vaginismus and dyspareunia (medical terms describing sexual pain) are often involuntary restrictions of tissue or muscles that are very treatable by a skilled therapist. Sexual abuse, trauma and negative experiences are often connected to sexual pain, decreased sensation or arousal and infertility. There may be a subconscious holding pattern between memories or experiences, often at the subconscious level, inhibiting normal sexual function and conception. An integrated approach of body, mind and spirit can effectively improve sexual experiences and fertility. 

Fertility Credentials of Therapist

  • Certification in Fertility Massage
  • Registered Nurse with advanced training in women’s healthhome-page-prenatal-postpartum bodywork
  • Skilled bodywork for improved reproductive function and pelvic alignment
  • Pelvic floor therapist
  • Stress reduction through multiple massage and relaxation methods
  • Expert sexual dysfunction therapy
  • Experience with treating abuse, PTSD and negative sexual experiences
  • Qualified counseling for fertility planning and optimizing conception
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils) for fertility and hormone balance
  • Certification in Pregnancy Massage and instructor


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