Therapy for Cosmetic Surgery

Massage Therapy and Cosmetic Surgery

Breast surgery is common and almost always impacts breast tissue health with scarring and adhesions. In addition, more invasive breast surgeries can affect immunity, tissue health and many body functions. Breast implants (augmentation), breast reductions (or lifts), lumpectomies and mastectomies are significant procedures and skilled therapy improves recovery and healing. Revive Therapy offers an RN-therapist with advanced training and certification for lymphatic drainage therapy and myofascial release. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT is also comfortable and competent with compassionate emotional support.

  • Preoperative Massage includes relaxation, tissue preparation, and preoperative measurements (as indicated.)
  • Immediate Postoperative Massage involves assessment (by RN), stress reduction, very light therapy per surgeon protocol and other appropriate therapy.
  • Postoperative Massage. Progressive therapy for surgical healing, scar therapy, pain reduction, release of restricted tissue, improved mobilization and decreased swelling. Focus moves from successful surgical healing to restoration to life functions.
  • Surgeon Protocols are always honored and skilled surgical massage therapists add their expertise of soft tissue healing to support the best surgical results possible. Consult your surgeon about recommendations or preferences for massage therapy. Revive Therapy offers an RN-Therapist with extensive medical and surgical experience, even management of a surgery center. 
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy is probably the most effective therapy after surgery. Swelling and tissue congestion is expected with most surgeries. Lymphatic drainage therapy not only decreases swelling but activates natural immunity. Scars and adhesions also benefit from lymphatic work. 
  • Myofascial Release (MFR) is highly beneficial to facilitate tissue healing and reduce superficial scars, as well as deeper adhesions. Many other parts of the body get restricted after surgery from limited movement and MFR is excellent therapy to reduce pain and restore body balance. 

Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation or Implants

Breast implants, augmentation and breast cosmetic surgeries are becoming quite common. Skilled therapy before and after surgery will promote healing and improve recovery. Although cosmetic surgeons are usually very skilled, even the most perfect surgeon leaves scars and adhesions on internal tissues. Surgical massage and lymphatic drainage therapy improves tissue health to promote the best surgical healing and recovery. 

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction

Large breasts can create upper body strain and contribute to headaches, neck, shoulder and upper back problems. Surgical reduction of the breast size can be an involved surgery with the removal of excess breast tissue and skin, as well as nipple relocation or reconstruction. This surgery is often more invasive than breast augmentation and skilled surgical massage before and after surgery can enhance recovery, minimize pain and reduce pain. Breast reduction surgery may have multiple suture lines and deeper scars or adhesion affecting breast shape, lymphatic drainage and comfort (pain.) Preoperative massage will prepare you and your breast tissue for successful healing, as well as make the postoperative work more effective. 

Lumpectomy Surgery

Lumpectomies are usually minor surgery with minimal complications. However, skilled massage therapy improves tissue health to optimizes surgical results. In spite of being a “minor” surgery, there will always be scars and adhesions that can compromise tissue health and proper lymphatic drainage.  

Mastectomy Surgery

Breast removal (mastectomy), full or partial is a tragic consequence to breast cancer. Loss of one or both glands is not only a major surgical procedure but has significant rehabilitation and emotional effects. The impact of surgery becomes much more complicated when there is removal of lymph nodes, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Skilled therapy for mastectomy patients is of high value but significant precautions must be taken because of the severity and complexity of the disease, surgery and treatment. Mastectomy patients need physician approval for therapy and should only be treated by therapists with specialized training. Lymphatic drainage therapy is very important because breast cancer, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can each be destructive to the lymphatic system, impairing tissue health and immunity. The chest tissue is often very restricted after surgery requiring myofascial release to shoulder function and reconstructive surgery. Revive Therapy offers an RN-therapist with advanced training and certification in lymphatic drainage therapy, as well as myofascial release therapy.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Brow Lifts and Face Lifts

Facial surgery is often done to improve cosmetic appearance by removing skin to tighten the face and remove wrinkled or sagging skin. Cosmetic surgeon expertise is usually very fine with excellent results. Surgical massage can prepare the tissue prior to surgery and assist with good results after surgery. Very gentle lymphatic drainage therapy avoids disrupting surgical work and moves tissue fluid to maximize healing and reduce swelling. Six to eight weeks after surgery, scar therapy can assist the external and internal scars and adhesions for best results. 

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a very specialized facial surgery to remove skin cancer with minimum tissue removal. These surgeons are very specialized and usually have excellent results with very small scars. Some skin lesions that are removed may be large enough to require additional cosmetic face surgery. Lymphatic drainage therapy is very gentle and light. A skilled therapist will not only support excellent surgical results but can improve the surgical outcome by maximizing tissue healing and promote better lymphatic drainage (which reduces any swelling and accelerates healing.)

Abdominal Surgery

Liposuction and Fat Transfers 

Liposuction selectively removes fat (adipose tissue), usually for cosmetic reasons. These procedures usually separate tissue layers under the skin, temporarily expand the space with saline and remove fat through a vacuum technique. Temporary drains may be placed to allow excess blood or fluid to drain out. External surgical scars are usually minimal unless other surgical procedures are involved. Preoperative therapy is important for education, relaxation, preoperative baseline measurements and improving tissue health. Skilled lymphatic drainage therapy prior to surgery will also improve the health of the abdominal and pelvic organs. 

Fat Transfers. Some procedures involve replacement of fat for cosmetic purposes in the buttocks or breasts. Massage therapy is not used to these areas unless recommended by the surgeon. 

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominal muscles may not always heal after pregnancy and delivery. Diastasis (separation) of these abdominal recti muscles is common. Simple exercises in early postpartum weeks can effectively heal diastasis but most women do not hear about these exercises until scarring and adhesions decrease the effectiveness of these exercises. Some women opt for surgical union of these muscles for cosmetic appearance or to prevent hernia complications. This surgery can be very invasive, painful and extended healing periods. Therefore, surgical massage therapy support can be very effective to maximize healing and reduce recovery time. Preoperative massage therapy is valuable for education, making a postoperative plan, assessment (including measurements), and therapy to optimize tissue and abdominal health prior to surgery. Postoperative therapy is progressive, supporting your healing needs appropriate to your stage of healing. Initial therapy may be energetic or light lymphatic drainage therapy. Therapy can progress to deeper lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and scar healing therapy. Therapy for back and shoulder discomfort is usually indicated because of prolonged bedrest. 


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